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產地 : 英國

出版商 : LeonPaul    標題 :  Learn Fencing EPEE Part 2 Advanced

內容 :  長度 1小時 38分

Basic equipment and safety aspects are covered, before proceeding to footwork in various forms; including the stance, steps forward and backward, lunge and recovery, double steps, step lunge, cross-over steps (backwards) and the flunge (a leaping attack similar to the foil or epee fleche). An explanation in the use of blade work takes us to rules and conventions, the grip and the difference between guards and lines. Basic types of (traditional) hit (cut, through-cut, thrust), leads to parries and simple ripostes. Distance parries, where the attacker’s front foot lands, while the defender keeps distance, are covered next. This is followed by prepared attacks and first counter riposte. Compound attacks are followed by successive parries and then compound ripostes. The use of point-in-line leads logically to prises-de-fer and dérobements. Stop cuts are followed by counter-time and then renewed attacks. Fencing opposite handers and free fighting, finishes this sequence.