貨號: Art.899-02 分類:


產地 : 義大利

品牌 : Favero

使用在電衣 ,體線 及 各式電劍測試 , 比賽前器材檢驗使用..

Professional fencing tester, for testing:
– epees, foils, sabres
– bodycords (also with English bayonet plug)
– reels, cable masks, floor cables
– complete weapon circuits (including weapon, reel and cables)
– conductive jackets and material (via the proper optional weight art. 899-11)


• Easy use for quick checking: automatic control of values measured against FIE approved ones or against those set by the user. The positive or negative outcome of the test is indicated by green or red LEDs respectively, and by an acoustic signal.

• Professional use for fencing technicians: the wide range of information shown on the display allows checking the equipment or the cause of malfunction easily.

• Simultaneous checking of all resistance values among the various conductors, much like when checking signalling apparatus but with greater precision and resolution. Between 0 and 20Ω, the resolution is 0,1Ω.

• Quick and accurate measuring of resistance values: common multimeters are not suitable measuring contact resistances as they use voltage and current values that are too low.

• Signals micro-breaks of the circuits which common testers are unable to detect. Signaling occurs by way of red LEDs and an acoustic signal.

• Selection 4 modes of display:

–Numerical values (photo): for a complete and professional check.
–Analog bar (photo): for display of rapid resistance variations.
–Time-graphic (photo): displays the variation in resistance time.
–Hit-graphic (photo): memorizes and displays the behavior of the resistance of the tip contact during a hit.

• Tester probe provided for checking weapon parts (guard, blade, etc.).

• Easy fastening to table via provided clamp. It allows the connectors to be inserted/extracted without having to hold the device tightly by hand.

• Internal USB port for future software updates.

• Internal rechargeable battery: circa 10 hour duration, display of level; automatic switch off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

• Power supply 100-240V provided. Supplies power to the device while also recharging the battery.

• Size and weight: width 21cm, height 12cm, depth 14cm. Weight 2,4kg.