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EFT-1讓您的教學更為活潑又有趣 !

• 總共有5個目標區, 擊中目標時燈號由紅轉綠.

有9種訓練模式可供選擇. 也可以由教練自行編輯訓練模式.


使用者可自行選擇需加強的訓練模式 . 提供特定區域擊次練習

Students are highly engaged and have fun competing with each other to test their skills. They can also view the record time for each type of exercise for the last 100 completed, creating a goal to be reached.

Fencing halls can considerably increase their number of students by adding a few electronic targets: the challenging pace of the targets engages students while motivating them to reach specific objectives.

The display showing the information is protected from hits. It shows: 1) the number of the current exercise; 2) the number of attacks that need to be made; 3) the response time of each attack in seconds, tenths, and hundredths of seconds; 4) the overall result for the exercise; 5) the best attack time for the completed exercise; 6) the record result of the last 100 exercises for each type of exercise.

A tough front panel made of multiple layers of polycarbonate and PVC. The tip of the weapon does not slide.

A shock absorbing system prevents hits from deteriorating the weapon tips.

The stainless steel frame around the container means there are no painted parts to get ruined by hits.

There are no keyboards, preventing malfunctions due to blows from weapons. The commands and programming functions are all given through the targets.

The special wall mounts that come with the target make it possible in a matter of seconds to adjust the EFT-1 to students of any height by positioning it at 8 cm intervals to one of the 6 available heights.

The valid target area changes depending on the speed of the impact, and the peripheral area around the target requires greater impact force than the part in the center. This means that slower actions, like those performed from a resting position, require greater precision, while quicker actions, such as those prepared by footwork, are allowed more tolerance.


電源 : 12V DC/AC 300 mA.   100-240V/12V  DC/AC Power Adaptor; 也支援外接充電電池使用.

Dimensions and weight: 63 x 46 x 5 cm, 7.4 kg

本店可提供維修服務 , 另有販售相關耗材零件 …請直接洽店長詢問