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產地 : 歐洲 烏克蘭  Dynamo劍廠

烏克蘭工藝 :


Dinamo 生產的劍條主要特點有: 耐用性佳 , 平衡性好 , 中等硬度 ! 重量輕 ,運劍靈活,劍條彎曲曲線優美! 是兼具 “價格與耐用” 兩者平衡的最佳選擇!

Dynamo is a quite reputable European brand blade forged in Ukraine. The main features of Dynamo blades are durability, balance and medium stiffness. They feel light, extremely flexible and will very well hold bent in a form of slight legal curve.

Some fencers find them a bit whippy for a good point control however if you are on a budget but like to try flicks this blade may be for you. It is a good choice in terms of durability and quality for the money. They last much longer than our regular blades.

The combination of good feel, great price and decent flexibility make them a very popular among competitive fencers.