Vucic Agreement Washington

Third, the US is trying to increase Israel`s influence in Serbia and Kosovo. Israel has benefited the most from this treaty. As part of the agreement, Serbia agreed to move its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in July 2021 and Israel and Kosovo agreed to recognize each other and establish diplomatic relations. Kosovo has also announced that it is moving its embassy to Jerusalem. In addition, Belgrade and Pristina have both agreed to label Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. This move by Serbia could lead to a strengthening of relations not only with the Arab and Muslim world, but also to a new recognition of Kosovo by some Muslim countries. “I think it`s kind of a declaration of will or political commitment to this government, not the next one. We`ll see if Biden insists on the Grenell-sponsored deal. However, there are points that will interest him or `his people` and reflect broader, long-term US interests – in the area of energy security (diversification, less dependence on Russia) and cybersecurity (5G technology, less dependence on China),” Savković said. adding that it is not clear how this will be implemented. and that is why he believes that we should wait until November.

Milan Krstić, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade, explained that Belgrade and Pristina have not signed a legally binding agreement in Washington or a bilateral agreement, either with the United States, as Serbian government officials claim, or between them, as suggested by Richard Grenell. On the other hand, Krstić stressed that even if Trump does not win the election, the spirit of the agreement will remain. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti called the agreement a big step forward. “Of course, when we talk about politics, we haven`t solved our problems. There are still a lot of differences between us, but it`s a big step forward,” Vucic said. And I am once again deeply grateful to [Trump] and your people for bringing us here successfully. And we didn`t talk about many of the points we signed today, but for us it is very important that we have a single economic zone in an entire Western Balkan that will bring us to the real economic results for the benefit and good of all our peoples,” Vucic added. Hoti said the deal was a “great success.” “I think this is absolutely a great moment for Kosovo and for the region. I think we have taken a big step towards a full normalization of relations, which should ultimately lead to mutual recognition between the two countries,” Hoti said. If that were the case, Serbia`s 5G policy would offer it a simple way to demonstrate its commitment. That`s because Vucic`s political party, Srpska napredna stranka (SNS), completely controls Parliament – and will completely control the government as soon as it is formed.

There are two ways for Serbia to deliver on its 5G promise to the United States. One of them is to follow the path of Estonia, Poland and Romania, which, alongside the Czech Republic and Slovenia, have signed individual memoranda of understanding (memoranda of understanding, MoUs) in which the US commits to excluding high-risk suppliers from the construction of their 5G networks. . . .