Ceta Learnership Agreement

An employer may terminate the apprenticeship contract if: CETA represents the Education and Training Authority. This company offers a CETA learning experience for the construction industry in South Africa. Your services ensure that all the people in the construction industry they teach meet the requirements of this sector. They offer many companies in this sector practical training and provide staff with well-trained employees. Closing dates for their learning opportunities are only available when they are open, which is usually from September to January. Candidates can thus regularly search their website after the opening of their apprenticeship programmes. Applicants are advised not to submit their information, curriculum vitae and applications until their learning programmes are open and made available on their website. CETA learning generally covers most areas impacting the construction industry. Their programs provide selected candidates with theoretical and practical training that enhances the educational process.

The Committee met to listen to briefings from the Department of Human Settlements on the report on the performance of the Rural Household Infrastructure Programme and a report by CETA for Education and Training in the Construction Sector on its programme and progress towards its objectives. Result 8 service delivery agreements signed between the department and other respective departments. The Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA) had been under administration since March 2011. Its Administrator presented an analysis of the problems and challenges affecting CETA. Prior to the move of SETAs to the Ministry of Higher Education and Training, CETA had focused on short-term skills programmes and learning experience, not scholarships and apprenticeship places. This was an exercise in vain, as these short training stays were not proper training, leaving people with insignificant certification. CETA would therefore focus on a more comprehensive qualification if they progressed. One of the key sectors of the construction industry was adult education (ABET), with most construction workers coming to the programme for illiteracy. However, they had discovered that the ABET model was a generic model based on how to teach people to read, write, and perform basic calculations.