Medical Services Agreement

one. All files relating to clients and patients treated with CMP under this agreement are owned by hCF and remain the property of HCF. CMP is committed to complying with and complying with all federal, regional and local privacy and disclosure laws of all information and records received or verified by CMP in the delivery of services to HCF clients and patients.b. CMP recognizes that CMP may have access to proprietary information and confidential HCF information for the duration of the agreement, including, but not exclusively, medical records and hisming, patient-identifiable information and other information that is not known to all by the public or HCF`s competitors (“Confidential Information”). CMP agrees to protect the confidentiality of all confidential information at any time, even after the duration of the agreement. On request, CMP provides HCF with information proving CMP`s compliance with HCF`s laws and/or policies on the security of confidential information .c. CMP is also committed to implementing trade association agreements or similar agreements that may be required by the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HEALTH Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). This section also applies after the agreement has ended. To the extent permitted by law and if it is considered a consideration, CMP releases the HCF and the Freelance Clinician from any debt, claim, injury, loss, expense and damage resulting exclusively from misrepresentation, substantial infringement or non-compliance with a business by the CMP under this contract or resulting exclusively from that consequence. B. The termination for reasons still undecided occurs immediately with the notification to CMP.c. CMP is entitled to compensation only for the actual benefits provided up to the date of termination.

HCF will immediately notify Freelance Clinician of the effective date of the closing of CMP and may, once selected, add CMP to its “Non-Sending” list, which means that CMP is not entitled to offer future vacancy notices by HCF. one. The parties agree that all payments for compensation for CMP benefits are made through the billing and payment system. b) CMP and HCF each recognize that Freelance Clinician is entitled to receive its fees for any payment made by HCF. c. HCF is credited with paying a CMP invoice on the day that this payment is made to the billing and payment system, and HCF is entitled to the prompt account authorized by that MSA, if any, based on the date of payment by HCF to the billing and payment system. d. CMP understands and accepts that Freelance Clinician`s fee will be taken over from CMP`s payment processing account immediately after the transfer of the HCF payment to CMP.e. HCF recognizes and accepts that its responsibility for paying CMP invoices is independent of its ability to collect from its patients, Medicare, Medicaid, other insurance programs or another party responsible for paying for health care.

State laws treat employer-sponsored local clinics as paid medical services and govern their operation. Although some laws are different, most of them say that there must be a contractual relationship between employer claimants and service providers. The goal is to ensure that the provider only provides the services described in the contract and only provides medical services to the people you indicate in the contract.