Hahn Air Agreement

For more information on Flair Airlines and Hahn Air services for partner airlines, visit www.hahnair.com. Hahn Air`s refund policies can be accessed at www.hahnair.com. The refund of unused documents or part of them is made according to the following conditions: The refund of a fully unused or partially used ticket is only made at the request of the passenger. The airline`s ticket-related conditions apply, i.e. the marketing company. In the case of the issuance of a Sharing Carriers rate, the applicable rules and tariff conditions of this codeshare carrier must be complied with by the agent. Please note that with respect to general conditions such as baggage, extra baggage, etc., the terms and conditions of the exporting airline may apply. Links to the terms and conditions of the airlines concerned can be accessed in the Partner Airlines section www.hahnair.com. Sabine UllrichDirector MarketingTel: `49-6103-5013-235E-Mail: s.ullrich@hahnair.com To check the availability of tickets on HR 169 documents in your market, please www.hahnair.com via Hahn Airs` quick check-in tool. Some rates are limited to HR documents for exposure.

Please also check the rules of the corresponding tariff base (for example. B sales restrictions, flight restrictions, etc.) submitted to the GDS. You can also go to the Tap Air Service at service@hahnair.com Please note Hahn Air`s instructions for www.hahnair.com in the modified version from time to time. The agent must also respect the rules and procedures published by local settlement systems, for example. B BSP, ARC, TCH. Please use information about www.hahnair.com or support of our Service Desk to resolve any problems to avoid subsequent sampling. Tickets guaranteed within 14 days. Flair Airlines is a low-cost Canadian airline based at Kelowna Airport (YLW) in British Columbia. Flair Airlines was founded in 2005 as a charter airline and became a scheduled airline in July 2017 following the acquisition of Newleaf Travel Company, Inc. Flair Airlines now flies 100 scheduled flights per week to seven Canadian destinations. Flair Airlines has a fleet of seven Boeing 737 aircraft. Disputes over debit submissions must be resolved in writing.

They must be done by BSPLink or TCH Connect, ARC, etc. The reason for the dispute must be specified, including the supporting documents. Controversial debit memos will be completed in due course. In the case of rejected disputes, detailed information and explanations on the reason for refusal are provided to the agent. Between Hahn Air Lines GmbH, known as “Hahn Air” or “HR,” or “The Airline,” headquartered in An der Trift 65, 63303 Dreieich, Germany, and travel agencies, known as “agent.” Hahn Air is a B2B (Business to Business) company. We offer distribution services exclusively to travel agencies and airlines, not directly to passengers. To purchase a rooster air ticket, please contact an IATA travel agency or an online booking portal of your trust and choice. Hahn Air offers free numbers worldwide to contact the service desk team directly and free of charge by phone. Please check the availability of a free number in your home country here.

Do you want access to more than 350 partner carriers? No problem. Any questions? H1-Air Partner flights are available worldwide in all GDS (Abacus, Amadeus, Apollo, Axess, Galileo, Infinite, Sabre, Sirena, Travelsky, Worldspan) under the H1 double digit code and can be issued on the Hahn Air HR-169 ticket.